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9 Things you didn’t know you could do on a Cruise

9 Things you didn’t know you could do on a Cruise

While you might want a nice relaxing holiday and a cruise could definitely be the right choice for you. There might be a few things you can do while you are on board that you didn’t know about. So here are 9 things you didn’t know you could do on a cruise.

Have Cocktails in the Cinema

Most ships nowadays have a cinema or at least another venue that doubles up as one. This will be included in the price of your holiday so you can go to the cinema as often as you like. And as most cruise lines have an amazing cocktails menu, why not drink them while you are watching the latest James Bond or Bridget Jones. You can’t do that in a normal cinema.

Room Service at Midnight

On the majority of cruise lines, 24-hour room service is included in the price you pay. So you can eat what you want when you want. So why not take in a late night theatre show then head for a drink then back to your cabin for a late night snack, or even a three-course meal if you are feeling really hungry and the best thing is it will be delivered to your door and you don’t have to do the cooking.

9 things cruise

Visit a Planetarium

The Queen Mary 2 is a world-renowned ship and probably one of the most famous ocean liners in history but did you know that you can visit the planetarium while you are on board. It is the only planetarium at sea, so is definitely one not to be missed if you are ever cruising onboard the luxury liner.

Do some Yoga

While you are on a cruise most people do have a tendency to over-indulge, so you may want to do some exercise or relaxation to counteract that. Cruise ships will have a gym that anyone can use if they wish. But also if you check the daily newsletter that will be left in your cabin. There will be classes each day that you can go and take part in an even better all this is included in the price you pay for your holiday.

Go on Deck in the Winter

If you choose to go on a winter cruise (which I would definitely recommend) then you won’t be able to use the outdoor parts of the ship as you would in the summer. You can however still use the hot tubs, especially when it’s cold. Why not sit up on board and enjoy the warmth whilst you are brought cocktails, what could be more indulgent on your holiday.9 things cruise

Try Ice Skating

One of the newer additions to some of the larger ships especially Royal Caribbeans fleet is Ice Skating rinks. So if you have a sea day and you are stuck for things to do, why not try a spot of ice skating, that’s got to be a different experience on a cruise ship. Some of the rinks also double up as theatres for ice shows in the evening which is even better.

Sunbathe Surrounded by Mountains

Obviously one of the main attractions of a cruise is travailing to places that you might not have been to before or you might not think of going to were they not on your itinerary. One of the most amazing experiences I had was cruising around Norway. The ship was docked for the day in the Fiords and the weather was amazing, really warm, and definitely warm enough to sunbathe. So we spent the afternoon by the pool topping up our tans surrounded by snow-capped mountains. It was incredible and definitely an experience I will never forget.

Play some Golf

Well not proper golf, mini golf which is a lot more fun and easier for the less skilful, like me! There are loads of cruise lines who are picking up on this as activity on board their ships. So if you are sailing with Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Norwegian Cruise Lines or Princess then you may just have a mini-golf course on board your ship.

Dine in a Celebrity Restaurant

Celebrity Restaurants are big business, so cruise lines are all trying to jump on board. Some ships will have several celebrity restaurants. P&O’s newest ship the Britannia has a restaurant with food chosen by Eric Lanlard specialising in French Patisserie. Sindhu by Atul Kutcher with an Indian theme and the Glasshouse by Ollie Smith the wine expert where all the food is carefully chosen to match the wine. Most of the restaurants incur a separate cover charge, but some are more than others, and if they are open at lunchtime then the cover charges are normally less, so go and give them a try.

What’s your favourite thing to do when you go on a cruise? Let me know in the comments below.

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