cruising for young people

About Me

I went on my first cruise about 8 years ago with my mum and my sister. I had never been interested in cruising and really wasn’t sure if I would like it. But I thought why not and it was totally not what I expected, I loved it and I was addicted straight away!

It took me a while to convince my husband that we should go on a cruise. He had always travelled to France on ferries and so was a bit cautious about it. But eventually he agreed and we managed to book a last-minute deal on a cruise to Norway and then he was hooked too.

Since then we have been on a few cruises and hope to go on many more. There are still so many places that we want to visit.

Cruising for Young People

I think some people have preconceived ideas about cruise holidays. That they are just for old people or that they can be boring. When we went on our Norway cruise other passengers kept asking us ‘do you cruise?’. Even though I don’t think we would describe ourselves as typical cruisers, it’s one of our favourite ways to travel. So easy and convenient and waking up somewhere new every day is a real dream. I hope that through setting up this blog I can work to dispel these myths and encourage other younger people to just give it a go.

I have never met anyone who has been on a cruise and not loved it! So if you are unsure have a read and I hope I can help you decide!