celebrity eclipse

Celebrity Eclipse Cruise Ship

celebrity eclipse

Recently I was lucky enough to be invited on a ship visit on board the Celebrity Eclipse. One of Celebrities Solstice class Ships. I got to spend the day on board, which started with a tour of some of the Cabins, then some free time to wander and enjoy the ship, followed by lunch in the main restaurant.

Celebrity Eclipse was recently voted as the Best Ship travelling from the UK in the UK Cruisers’ Choice Awards and as soon as you step on board you can see why. I fell in love with this ship straight away. I have travelled on quite a few cruise ships, of different styles and sizes and can always pick out my favourites with each cruise lines, but I was really impressed with the Eclipse.

celebrity eclipse

The atrium which is really the heart of any ship is the first thing that you are greeted with and it’s amazing. It’s several stories high with glass lifts running down each side. It really gives you an idea of big this ship is. This ship holds a maximum of 2850, but like most new modern ships it is designed in such away that you would never realise there are so many people on board. There is even a tree suspended in the middle of the atrium!

We were taken on a tour of the cabins. I was really interested to see what these were like. We were shown a mini suite, the penthouse suite and a balcony cabin. I always like to see how they compare to other cruise lines. I have a cruise booked next year in a mini suite so wanted to see this in particular. I have travelled in all types of cabins so it’s always interesting to see what is on offer. I would, however, have liked to have seen a standard inside cabin, as this is always my go to option if we are booking at the last minute.

celebrity eclipse

Once we had finished our tour we were able to just wander around the ship and get a feel for it. I headed up to the Lawn Club at the top of the ship. It’s a real lawn on the deck. There is a bar up there with tables and chairs, but there are also picnic blankets so you can sit out on the grass. I loved it there. So nice and relaxing and I was able to grab a drink in the sunshine.

I decided to take a walk around the ship and see what I could find. I loved the library which looked out over the atrium. It’s always one of my favourite places on a cruise ship to get away from busy areas and just relax, and the one on the Eclipse was really special. I then walked around the promenade deck as the weather was really nice and then went to explore some of the many bars and coffee shops on board.

celebrity eclipse

It was time for lunch in the Moonlight Sonata Restaurant, the ships main restaurant. It works in the same way as a lot of cruise companies do, with the choice of an early sitting, a late sitting or the option to choose freedom dining when you can turn up when you want in the evening. It was a three-course lunch with a choice of 3 starters, 3 mains and 2 desserts and as many drinks as you wanted. I really enjoyed the food, it was similar to food that I’ve had on other cruise ships as was of a really good standard. I loved the restaurant. While it was the standard layout of a cruise ship’s main dining room, the decor was modern and relaxed and really added to the whole experience.

celebrity eclipse

I loved my visit on board the Celebrity Eclipse. It was such an amazing ship. We are now looking into booking a cruise with Celebrity next year, and after getting to spend a day on board I can’t wait to cruise with them.

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Have you sailed with Celebrity before? Or are you thinking about booking with them? Let me know in the comments below.

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