Consider River Cruise

Things to Consider when booking a River Cruise

Consider River Cruise

Consider a River Cruise

You may have been on loads of cruises and absolutely love them, but are thinking of trying something new? Naturally, you may be thinking of a river cruise as an alternative to your regular holiday. It can though, be quite overwhelming when looking at new types of cruises. So I’ve put together some things to consider when booking which might help you navigate through all the different choices and narrow down you perfect River Cruise.

Which River?

Obviously one of the first and most important things to think of is where you want to cruise. Do you want to explore places you have been to before but in a different way or do you want new adventures in far flung lands? There are so many choices, you could keep cruising and probably never see everywhere. If you love Europe and want to experience it in a different way, you have choices of The Seine or The Danube for example. Or you could go for some more exotic options and choose to cruise down The Amazon or The Ganges.

Consider River Cruise

What are you looking for?

One of the main things that will determine what you book is what you interests are. There are so many different cruises that there is probably something to suit most people tastes. If you are really into wine then you could consider taking a cruise that covers the Bordeaux region in France. If on the other hand, you want something with culture and history then you could look at a Nile Cruise. One really exciting development in the world of River Cruising is the

New Options

One really exciting development in the world of River Cruising is the introduction of cruising for younger people. Cruise companies are trying to open up to different markets and I think this one is particularly exciting. U by Uniworld are making history by offering cruises exclusively for 21-45 year olds and offer excursions geared towards its younger passengers. It’s definitely something that I would like to book in the future.

Consider River Cruise

Think about the Cost

When you are looking at River Cruises compared to Ocean cruises they can cost more. Depending on how you book your cruises normally, the chances are you will have to spend more. You do normally though get more for your money, so take that into account and don’t let it put you off. Lines like Uniworld and Viking are all inclusive. So you get all your drinks and wifi included in the price that you book. This could be a really good option if this is something you would normally spend a lot of money on, on a traditional cruise.

There are so many options that it may just look too difficult but if you can narrow it down then you could be booking an amazing holiday.

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Have you been on a river cruise? Or are you thinking about booking one? Let me know in the comments below.


  • Alex

    July 23, 2017

    A river cruise looks interesting and I’ve been thinking about booking one for a while. I’m definitely going to start planning one for next year.

  • Emma le teace

    July 31, 2017

    I’d love too! Always seem a little out of my budget tho (by a little I mean a lot)


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