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The Cruise Show 2016

The Cruise Show

Yesterday I went to the Daily Mail Cruise Show in Birmingham. I really wasn’t sure what to expect as this was the first time I had been to something like this. I thought it might be a really good opportunity to see all the different types of cruises that are on offer. Also to speak to some different cruise lines that I hope to sail with in the future, while they were all in one place.

Cruise Show

Deals at the Cruise Show

I had been told by a few people that you can get some really good deals at these types of shows if you book your next cruise while you are there. Which is one of the main reasons that so many people go, just to make a booking? But it’s also a really good opportunity to just go and have a look if you aren’t sure where you want to go next or who to book with.

Cruise Show

Navigating the Cruise Show

It wasn’t too big, which I liked. There weren’t hundreds of stands that would take you ages to get round.There was just enough that if you didn’t stop to actually make a booking but just spoke to people as you walked around you could probably do it all in about an hour. So you don’t need to rush there for opening time, we got there at about 11 after it opened at 10, it was busy but not so busy that you couldn’t move.

Cruise Show

Booking at the Cruise Show

You can as I said actually make a booking while you are there, so if this is what you are thinking of doing then you would need to allow more time. Some of the stands were really busy with people wanting to speak to advisers so there were queues of maybe 8 people, others were less busy. The bigger stands like P&O, Cunard and Celebrity had 10-15 advisers all at desks taking bookings, so the wait time wasn’t too long, even if the queues were quite big.     Cruise Show

Alternatives at the Cruise Show

There were a lot of stalls offering alternatives to normal cruises, things like river cruises and sail boats. It was interesting to be able to speak to people and find out the prices for these types of cruises as I had never really thought about it before but we got a lot of information and I think it is definitely something we would consider in the future.

Cruise Show

Experts at the Cruise Show

There were a couple of small stages dotted around the venue where you could sit and watch talks from cruise experts, on different cruise lines, types of cruises and destinations. So if there was something you wanted to find out about then you could listen to the talk and then there was an opportunity to ask questions if you wanted to.

Cruise Show

Freebies from the Cruise Show

There were quite a lot of freebies, which most people always like at these shows. Most the stands were giving away free tote bags, which always come in handy and were good for carrying around all the brochures that you collect at the show.


Cruise Show Tickets

The tickets were £6 if you pre-booked and £10 if you paid on the door, we pre-booked and picked them up when we got there which did save a bit of money. For such a cheap ticket we had a really good time, it was really interesting and definitely gave us some ideas for the future. Also, we entered a lot of competitions, so fingers crossed we might win one of them!

This year I have been asked to be a Promotional Partner of the Birmingham Cruise Show and I am so excited. Read about why I think you should visit this years’ show here.

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Are you thinking of booking a cruise, then take a look at these cruise.co.uk.

Have you ever attended a cruise show? Do you ever book any holidays while you are there? Let me know in the comments below.

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