Cruise Tips P&O

Cruise Tips- Everything you need to know about P&O

Cruise Tips P&O

For the second in my series of Cruise Tips, I have taken a more in-depth look at P&O. Maybe you are thinking about trying a cruise with P&O? I have tried to put together a concise list of things that I think may help you when embarking on your cruise.

How it all works

Once you have booked your cruise you will be given details to log in online to your Cruise Personaliser. This enables you to see your cabin number and amend you dinner seating choices. You can also use this to book things before you get on board, like speciality restaurants or drinks packages. It’s a good way to budget things, as you can pay before your cruise and then they won’t be added to your bill at the end of your holiday.

Cruise Tips P&O


When you check in to board the ship you will be issued with your cruise card. You need to carry this with you while you are on board and also when you are disembarking at each port. You can choose to put a credit card down on your cruise card. This means that while you are on your cruise you won’t need to carry money with you, you can just charge things to your card. It also works as your room key and your ID when disembarking and embarking the ship.


Cruise Tips P&O


There are several different restaurants that you can choose to dine at for breakfast and lunch. Dinner works differently though. When you book your cruise you can request how you would like your dining to work. There will normally be 2 or 3 main restaurants on your ship, all serving the same menu. You will be allocated to one of these. You can choose to dine at the earlier sitting or the later sitting. This means you will have the same table in the same restaurant at the same time every night. Or you can choose freedom dining. This is when you can choose what time you go to the restaurant.

Cruise Tips P&O

Food and Drinks

All your meals are included in the price that you pay for your cruise. The only additional charges are if you want to eat in any of the speciality restaurants on board. Your drinks, however, are not included. You will need to pay for any that you drink on board. The only exception to this is in the buffet restaurant. You can get soft drinks and tea and coffee all day.

Cruise Tips P&O


All entertainment while onboard is included. You can go to the shows in any of the theatres and take part in all of the daily activities while on your cruise. There is so much to do that you will probably run out time before you run out of options. You can find out what is happening each day in the magazine which will be left in your cabin each night. It’s really useful to check it so you don’t miss out on anything.

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Cruise Tips P&O


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