cruising for young people

Cruising for Young People

cruising for young people

I know there a lot of misconceptions about cruise holiday and they are just for older people and that they can be really formal. But if you are thinking that you may like to try it but just aren’t sure if you will like it, then here’s why I think you should definitely considering cruising if you are in your 20’s or 30’s.

Don’t think that a cruising isn’t for Young People

If you are put off going on a cruise by the reputation that it is just for older people, then don’t be. If you pick the right cruise for you, both the cruise line and the itinerary you can get a really nice mixture of people and ages. If you choose to go in the holidays then there will be older people, younger people and lots of families which I think creates a really nice atmosphere.

Cruise to a different view every day

What could be better than waking up somewhere different every day, well in my opinion not much! I love the idea that every day you get to explore somewhere new. I am the type of person that gets rather bored just sitting on the same beach every day and I need to things to do and other things to look at. If this is how you feel about holidays then a cruise is definitely for you.

cruising for young people

 If you love to explore, Cruise in style

I would say that I’m rather greedy with travel. I love going on holiday and exploring new places. I try to visit a new country at least once a year, as well as places that I’ve not been to before, and what I like even more is being about to do all this in the comfort of a 5-star hotel. If you like luxury and good service then go for a cruise. See the world while you are waited on hand and foot. What could be more perfect!

Be a cruise foodie

If you are a bit of a foodie, or even if you aren’t by the end of a cruise you would find it hard not to be. It’s the perfect option if you love good food. You have a place reserved every day in the main restaurant, a different menu each night and dedicated waiters who you will get to know throughout your cruise. If this is not to your taste then there are always lots of other options. The buffet restaurant, the most upmarket restaurants which you will have to pay a cover charge for, or even 24-hour room service which is included in the price of your holiday!

cruising for young people

Have a cocktail or two

If you like to indulge in a cocktail or 2 before dinner, or some really good wine then this is the perfect holiday for you. Even though they aren’t included in the price they are really reasonably priced and you can afford to indulge yourself while you are on holiday.

You might meet some really nice people

The thing I love about a cruise is how sociable they are. Everyone is always really friendly and happy to have a chat. It’s not like just walking down the street, as you wander around the ship people just say hello to each other and I really like that. You could at dinner, be sat on a shared table, which means you would dine with the same people every night of your cruise and you can make new friends while on holiday.

You can just keep yourself to yourself

If you prefer to just enjoy your holiday and not really meet other people, then you can do that too. Request a table for 2, or however many of you there are on the holiday and that’s the table you will have for the duration, no chatting or having to get to know people, you can just enjoy your holiday in peace.

So those are the reason I love to cruise, and maybe if you are younger and are thinking about but just aren’t sure, this might help you to make your mind up. If you are thinking of going on a cruise for the first time, read my tips here.

Take a look at Princess and MSC for brilliant cruises.

Have you cruised before? Or maybe you are just thinking about booking a cruise? Let me know in the comments below.

cruising for young people


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