Cruise Budget

Cruising on a Budget

Cruising on a Budget

cruise budget

The first time I went on a cruise with my husband really came about because we were on a tight budget. We really didn’t know what we wanted to do. Ideally, we wanted warm weather and all-inclusive. So we didn’t really have to worry about costs when we were away. We couldn’t find anything that was in the price range and up to the standard that we wanted. So I kept coming back to the idea of a cruise and managed to convince him to give it a try. It was within our cruise budget and standards were so high! So here is why you need to cruise if you are on a budget.

Better Value for Money on a Cruise Budget

It can be much better value to go on a cruise compared to the average price of an all-inclusive holiday in a 4 or 5-star hotel. Although a cruise isn’t strictly all-inclusive, normally you would have to pay for your drinks. If you can book a deal that includes onboard spend then this isn’t too much of a problem. From the experiences I have had you really can’t beat the prices and the standards, you experience on a cruise compared to an all-inclusive resort.

Ships won’t Sail with Empty Cabins

Cruise lines don’t want to travel with empty cabins. So if you can wait to book just before you want to go then you can get a really cheap holiday. Wait as long as you can before you book. More often than not if the cabins aren’t booking up they will lower the price. Also if you are not too bothered about which part of the world you are visiting then this will enable you to get a cheaper holiday too. Be adventurous and maybe go on a cruise to somewhere you have never been before. You may just discover a country you love!

Be Flexible

Be as flexible as you can be when you are thinking of going on a cruise. You can pick up a real bargain. If you are prepared to change your dates about a bit or travel out of season this can really help. I get text messages and emails from different companies. These will quite often be when a cruise has dramatically dropped in price because the cabins aren’t selling. These are the holidays I go for because they are such good value for money.

Keep Checking for you Cruise Budget

If you have found a cruise that you really want to go on and it’s in your budget then book it. Especially if it looks popular and you think it might sell out. You wouldn’t want to miss out on your dream holiday. But keep checking the price, more often than not the price will go up again a bit. Sometimes it will go down. If it does, give the cruise line a call, sometimes they will give you the price difference as onboard spend. It’s always worth a try.

You get so Much More for Your Money

So some people may think that going on a cruise isn’t as good value if you end up with a bill at the end of the holiday. Well yes, you do have to pay for your drinks, but you get all your food included and gosh what food it is. If you are a bit of a foodie as I am, then this is the holiday for you. Such high quality, a different menu every day and brilliant service. In my opinion, the food I’ve had on cruises is so much better than food I’ve had in all-inclusive resorts. And aside from the food, there’s all the entertainment, theatre, cinema and activities all day, every day which is included. Also the accommodation. You are basically travelling the world in a 4 or 5-star hotel. So really why wouldn’t you choose a cruise when you are booking your next holiday!

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  • franz chong

    October 26, 2017

    I agree with all of the above and you get so much more holiday for your it fast approaches a decade since I first cruised I was astounded at the value on offer.lots of ports on offer,an inbuilt nightclub,a gym,chances to make new friends and so many activities.7 cruises down and number 8 is just around the corner.I PRIOR TO that with some exceptions did mostly Asian Holidays which were not bad but just didn’t compare.

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