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Expedition Cruises: The Next Big Thing?

Expedition Cruises

expedition cruises

While everyone is talking about the new mega ships which every cruise company seems to be ordering, the next big thing in the cruise world could be something very different. While these larger ships might not be for everyone, I think that the larger cruise ships are really exciting. They offer so much more to do and tend to attract younger travellers than the smaller ships. The new developments around expedition cruises sound really interesting and are very different to your standard, smaller cruise ship.

Some cruise companies are already exploring this new, luxury market. Silversea already has 3 ships for around 130 passengers. Hurtigruten have a new ship launching in 2018 and will accommodate 600 passengers.

Norweigan Cruise Company

Norweigan Cruise Company is a new expedition cruise company which is looking to enter the market. They will be looking launch up to six ships by 2020 with the first ship due in 2019.

The CEO of Norwegian Cruise Company, Ulf Henrick Wynnsdale, said

‘The research we have seen in the market points towards smaller ships. It will be a more adventurous product, and at the same time, the ultra-luxury part of that segment doesn’t have a lot of capacity.’

This new advance in ultra-luxury expedition ships sounds so exciting.  You can travel in luxury while visiting some of the most remote ports in the world. It’s about immersing yourself in new cultures and seeing things you wouldn’t see on a more conventional cruise.

It’s definitely something I would look into booking. It sounds so interesting and definitely something different from your normal cruise. And you get to experience all this in complete luxury.

What do you think? Would you think about going on such a small cruise ship? Do you think it would be for you? Let me know in the comments below.

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