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How to Choose the Perfect Cabin

I would never want to try and tell someone which cabin they should book when they are choosing their cruise. I do however think there are some tips that can be followed to help people make the right choice. I know I could definitely have done with some help when I went on my first few cruises. So here are some tips which I tend to follow when I’m booking my cruises.

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Go for a Cheaper Cabin

I always try and book the cheapest cabin possible. If you don’t suffer from sea sickness and so cabin location isn’t too important, go for a guaranteed cabin. This means you won’t get to choose your specific cabin, just the grade but you can get them really cheaply. Your cabin will be allocated to you a few weeks before you sail. Read my blog on how to bag a bargain here

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Don’t Pay for a Balcony

Unless you really have your heart set on a balcony cabin, they can be really pricey. I would say to go for an inside cabin and if you really don’t like the idea of that an outside cabin. The way I always look at it is, all the cabin are the same standard, ok so they might be a bit smaller than a balcony cabin, but really how much time do you spend in your cabin anyway. There are so many nice bars and places to sit on cruise ships, I would say save your money for something else, maybe your excursions or putting it towards your bill at the end of the holiday. Read my tips about inside cabins here

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Worried about Noise

If you are worried about being near a restaurant or a theatre and the noise levels then go for the more expensive option and choose your specific location. This means though that you won’t be able to go for a guaranteed cabin and so this will cost you more money. I have had a mid ship cabin before that was directly opposite the lifts, and was worried about the noise, but we really didn’t have any problems at all and the location was brilliant, so easy for getting around the ship.

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Go for the Lower Decks

The cabins further up the ship on the higher decks tend to be more expensive than the lower decks, and a lot of people like to go for these. But if you are worried about the movement of the ship then go for the lower cabins, further down the ship as you feel the movement of the ship a lot less.


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