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Inside Cabins: What you Need to Know

inside cabins

Inside Cabins

I was checking my email the other day and I noticed something that I really wanted to share about inside Cabins. I go on about it quite a lot but I think if you are young and you are on a budget it’s really important. Don’t be scared to book an inside cabin!

There are loads of people who would never dream of staying in an inside cabin, but I really think it’s something people should consider a bit more, and there are loads of reasons why.

If you are on a budget, always consider an inside cabin, they are the cheapest ones on the ship and it will save you loads of money that you can spend on other things.

In reality, you probably won’t spend that much time in your cabin anyway, there is so much to do on a cruise ship, so why pay out for more than you need to.

If you go on cruises to explore ports, hang out at the pool or party all night long, chances are you’re only spending time in your cabin to get dressed and sleep. Why waste your hard-earned cash on a big balcony cabin if you’d rather lounge on a top deck than sit in an upright deck chair all by yourself on your veranda? If alfresco cabin amenities are wasted on you, pick the inside and let balcony-lovers book the bigger rooms.

If you are travelling to somewhere that has longer daylight hours, like Norway for example, then try and go for an inside cabin as it will make it much easier to sleep when it’s midnight and still light outside.

Read the original article here on the Cruise Critic website.

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What is your favourite type of Cabin? Where about’s on the ship do you like to stay? Let us know in the comments below.

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