Love or Hate Dress Codes

Do you Love or Hate Dress Codes?

Love or Hate Dress Codes

Dress Codes can be a big issue and one that could really discourage people from even going on a cruise. I love dressing up and it’s probably one of the main reasons I love going on cruises. You can wander around in your casual clothes during the day and then make a real effort in the evening. However, I know this isn’t for everyone.

There are so many options with different cruise lines that it really doesn’t need to be as big an issue as some people care to make it.

I have cruised on very formal cruise lines to ones which weren’t formal at all and you never needed to dress up for the entire cruise. I personally really like being able to dress up and making an effort on a few nights of my holiday, so there are the types of cruises I tend to go for.


Love or Hate Dress Codes

Go Formal!

Even if you pick a very formal cruise, for example, we sailed with Cunard in November, you can choose to dress down if you want. People do have a tendency to get really dressed up and go very formal on the Queens but, if one evening you don’t fancy it then you are welcome to head to the buffet restaurant where you can wear what you want. There will still be people wandering around in floor-length dresses and tuxes and there will always be people who will tut, but really I just ignore them! After all, it’s my holiday too.

Cunard decided to change things this year when they announced that they would be relaxing their dress code. There were a lot of traditional Cunard goers that were in an uproar about this. However having sailed with Cunard twice in the last year, all I could tell that had changed was they had made thing less formal for the day that people were boarding the ship. This worked for us as our bags hadn’t arrived when we needed to start getting ready for dinner.

Love or Hate Dress Codes

Which Cruise Line is Best for you?

If you really don’t fancy getting dressed up at all on your cruise, then you could go for a Cruise line like NCL as you could spend your entire holiday in casual clothes and that would be totally fine and you wouldn’t be breaking any rules and hopefully offending people too much.

There are so many choices now with different cruise lines and what they offer, there really is something for everyone whether you really like to go all out or you just want to relax because you are on holiday. So do your research before book so you know whatever you are going for will really suit you. And most of all whatever you choose just enjoy your holiday and don’t worry about what other people are wearing when they walk into the restaurant, just wear what you feel comfortable in.


I would say though, not to let a cruise line that has a stricter dress code totally put you off booking a holiday. You may miss out on some amazing destinations and beautiful ships just because you don’t fancy dressing up. There are always ways around it!

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If you are thinking of booking a cruise take a look Princess Cruises.

What do you think about Cruise Line Dress Codes? Do you like dressing up or would you rather be more relaxed on your holiday? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Love or Hate Dress Codes

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