mini cruise perfect choice

Mini Cruises: The Perfect Choice

Mini Cruise Perfect Choice

There are so many reasons why you should try a mini cruise. If you have never cruised before or you want to try a different cruise line. They can give you a taste of what it’s like to have a cruise holiday. Many people never even think about it as an option. But now, maybe you will try a mini cruise.

mini cruise perfect choice

Introduce Yourself to Cruising

A Mini Cruise can be a brilliant option to introduce yourself to cruising. You can go for a few days. To just see if you like it and if it’s for you. It’s also a brilliant option to get a taste of it before committing to a longer cruise and spending more money.

Amazing Value for Money

If you are just looking for a short cruise, you can get some great deals. From as little as £200 per person, you can get a 4-night trip. You will receive the same amazing service as you would if you were cruising for longer. It will just give you an idea of what a cruise holiday is really like. Take a look at Princess and MSC some amazing value mini cruises.

mini cruise perfect choice

No Hassel at Airports

Book a Mini cruise from the Uk and you won’t need to go near a plane. Forget all the hassle of hanging around in airports. You just turn up at the cruise terminal, and then you can board the ship. It usually takes around half an hour from getting there to arriving at your cabin door. Then you are on holiday, even if the ship hasn’t moved. It’s so easy and relaxed. A brilliant start to a holiday.

Stopping the Party

P&O has recently changed their terms and conditions¬†for there 2-5 night cruises to stop them becoming ‘party cruises’. They can be known for having groups of men and women on birthday trips or hen and stag dos onboard. P&O have changed the clothing requirements, to stop dressing up on the cruises and matching group t-shirts. Also, they have limited the amount of alcohol that can be taken onboard. They want guests to be able to have exactly the same experience on their shorter cruises as they would on the longer ones. You can read more about it on P&O’s website.

mini cruise perfect choice

Read more reasons here why you should try a Mini Cruise

Read here about why cruising can be for young people too.

So would you consider a Mini Cruise? Maybe you have never cruised before or you want to try a totally new ship? Let me know in the comments section.


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  • nvbiscuitfeedback

    December 10, 2017

    Mini cruises are also perfect for holiday makers who are new to cruising – you can experience all the delights of a cruise, without committing yourself to a full week or two onboard.


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