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8 Essentials you should Pack for a Cruise

must pack cruise essentials

Must Pack Cruise Items

If it’s your first time on a cruise or your tenth, there are always a few items that you really shouldn’t leave home without and will make life on board a lot easier. So I have put together a list of you must pack cruise items that I think might make your holiday that little bit better.


Extension Cord

One thing that can be in short supply in a cabin is plug sockets. On older ships, you can sometimes only have 1 or 2 per cabin. With phones and tablets and other electronics, this can make things rather difficult. If you just remember to pack an extension cord or 2 depending on how many sockets there are in your room, it really will make life a lot easier when you are trying to change things up at the end of the day.

must pack cruise essentials

Water Bottles

This will really save you money if you take some bottled water on with you or sports bottles which you can then refill when you are leaving the ship for the day. You will be able to get bottles of water but they are normally really expensive. So if you go to a bar and just ask for some iced water, which won’t cost you anything then you can fill your bottles up before you leave for the day.

Night Light

If you have booked an inside cabin, pack a nightlight. They can be extremely dark when you switch the lights off which can make it difficult if you need to get to the bathroom in the night. It might just save you a few bruises when you are on holiday.

must pack cruise essentials

Bottle Opener

It might seem like a silly item, but if will save you some hassle if you can remember to pack a bottle opener and or a corkscrew. We found that when we ordered room service the drinks are always in a bottle and they come to the room closed. You generally won’t have one provided in your room, so then you need to call housekeeping to bring you one and this can take a while. So if you take your own, you will be sorted.

Extra Bags

If you aren’t flying back and you are arriving straight back into the port in your own country why not back an extra bag, this way if you plan on doing some shopping while you are away then you don’t need to worry about squashing it all back into the bags you came with. You can shop until your heart’s content. For brilliant luggage, options take a look at Bags etc.

Drinks and Snacks

If you are getting on a ship in Southampton for example then you have a bit more freedom with what you can take onboard. Why not pack some snack for your cabin, things that aren’t included in the all-inclusive. Also, soft drinks and a bottle of wine can be good to have in your cabin. Just check with each individual cruise line what you can take with you as they will all allow different things.

must pack cruise essentials

Small Overnight Bag

A lot of people don’t realise that on your final night you will have to leave your bags outside your cabin you won’t see them again until you get off the ship the following morning to collect them. So if you take a small holdall with you then you can keep all your overnight things you will need with you and you won’t have to pack them in your main luggage.

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