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What’s new for the Cruise World in 2017?

New to the Cruise World for 2017

cruise world 2017

As we enter the new year, 2017 is set to be a very exciting one in the Cruise Industry. With new ships coming from several different lines there looks to be something for everyone on offer. So What’s new in the Cruise World in 2017?

One of the most exciting things I think that’s happening in 2017 is that Cuba will be opening up as a port for Cruise Ships from different cruise lines. Previously only cruise lines that had no affiliation to the US were allowed to dock there, this, of course, left a lot of the major cruise line not being able to include Cuba as one of their ports of calls.

NCL (Norwegian Cruise Lines) will be the first line to make use of the new port with ships starting to sail from there in March this year. Oceania and Regent Severn Seas are expected to start stopping there around the same time.

Royal Caribbean has also been granted access to sail to the Island and is expected to start from April.

I have always wanted to go to Cuba and planned to one day, but now the idea of cruising there seems even more exciting and I can’t wait to try it out.

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Your Cruise World 2017

Where are you heading off to this year? Let me know in the comments below.

What cruise news have you heard about that happening in 2017? Why don’t you let me know what you are excited about and new things you can’t wait to try and places you can’t wait to visit?

Read more about what the happening in the cruising world this year here, it might give you some ideas for your next trip or maybe even convince you to try cruising for the first time. Join the Cruise World in 2017!

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