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No Fly Cruises: Are they really that good?

No Fly Cruise

No Fly Cruise

People tend to think that cruising and hot weather go hand in hand. Sometimes though getting there can be half the fun. I think sometimes that people forget how nice it can be on a no-fly cruise. You just travel to the port and you are on holiday as soon as you step on the ship, even if it’s not even started sailing anywhere yet.

You Don’t Need to take a Plane

If you are a nervous flyer then you don’t need to fly. Obviously, if you book a no-fly cruise, then you eliminate that part of your holiday altogether. It can make it a lot more relaxing if you don’t have to worry about getting on a plane to get there and worrying about having to fly back home at the end.

You can still Enjoy the Weather

If you book a no-fly cruise, you can still pretty much cruise to where ever you want, even the Carribean. You just have to bear in mind that you may have quite a long stay on the ship before you get to your destination. If you love sea days, though, this could be the perfect start to your holiday.

No Fly Cruise

Think about what You are Booking

A cruise I recently went on, was a fly cruise but only to the ship. We flew to Rome boarded the ship and sailed back to Southampton, stopping in France, Spain and Gibraltar on the way. This worked perfectly for us. We had to take one flight and then just picked up the car to drive home when we got back. No faffing around in airports.

You can still have hot Weather

Either you sail to a destination where you know the weather will be brilliant without having to fly there, or you fly somewhere hot and sail back to your home country. Whatever you want from your cruise there are always options to suit everyone.

For the best time of year to cruise read my Summer vs Winter post here to help you decide the best time to book. Or tips for booking a cruise on a budget here.

Take a look at some brilliant options for no fly cruises here.

I personally love a no fly cruise. I find them so easy and convenient, especially as I live within easy driving distance of the nearest port. What do you think? Have you tried one? Or do you always like to fly to your cruise ship? Let me know in the comments below.



  • Stanley evans

    April 21, 2017

    I wonder if cruise ships go along the river Thames?

    • Katie

      April 21, 2017

      There is a main cruise port in London. There is a special one at Tower Bridge Upper, next to HMS Belfast! That would be a brilliant place to cruise from!


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