summer or winter cruise

Summer or Winter Cruise?

Summer or Winter Cruise

If you are thinking about booking a cruise, then a good thing to think about is whether you choose summer or winter. I have cruised in both summer and winter, so here are some things to think about when making your choice and hopefully might help you a bit too.

summer or winter cruise

Better Weather

Obviously, the first thing to think about is what do you want the weather to be like. If your main aim when you go on holiday is good weather, being able to sunbathe and just relax then you are best trying to go in the summer. Obviously, the chances of better, hotter weather are much more likely.

Summer in Winter

If the only time you can travel is in the winter, then why not try the Caribbean, you are almost guaranteed good weather and lots of suns. It can be quite pricey but many lines will include flights in the price of your cruise. You can if you are clever about it though get some really good deals and it can be cheaper than booking in the summer holidays. Take a look at my post Why you need to Cruise if you are on a Budget for some tips about booking a bargain.

summer or winter cruise

Give a Winter Cruise a try

If you aren’t really sure but don’t mind the thought of the colder weather then give a winter cruise a try. I really don’t think you would regret it. I wasn’t sure but I liked the idea of it and I certainly didn’t regret it. Obviously, it’s a very different experience as you can’t really utilise the ship as you would in summer but I still loved it. You also get a different experience in the ports, but if they are places you have visited before, it can be nice to visit in the winter to see different things rather than in the summer.

Don’t be afraid of the Weather

If you are put off by being on a ship in the winter then don’t be. If you suffer from sea sickness then try to get a cabin in the centre of the ship, you are less likely to feel any movement there. Also go for the bigger ships, in rough water they have more stabilisers and so move less than the smaller ones. I travelled on a mid-size ship last year with P&O and once we had gone through the bad weather the captain told us that we had been sailing through force 9 gales, we were really shocked, it was a bit bumpy at times but you really wouldn’t have known.

summer or winter cruise

Look out for the Excursions

One thing to think about if you are looking at a winter cruise of a hot weather cruise in the winter is the excursions. It’s best always to check as you are travelling out of season there might not be as much on offer as there is in the summer. So if there is something that you really want to do bear in mind it may not always be on offer if you are travelling in the winter.

Think about Packing

If you are thinking about going on a cold weather cruise rather than hot, then think about your luggage especially if you are joining a fly-cruise, you are going to need to pack more winter clothing and so more than you would probably need if you were going in the summer. Just bear this in mind if you have luggage allowances and so may be restricted to the amount you can take.

summer or winter cruise

Christmas Themed Cruises

If you want to try a winter cruise but you aren’t sure then why not think about a short Christmas Market cruise. They are normally about 4 or 5 days and can give you a taste of what it’s like cruising in cold weather. You get to see some really pretty places and do some Christmas shopping. Also, the ships are all ready and decorated for Christmas with trees and decorations and it really adds to the whole feel of things.

What do you think? Do you prefer cruising in the winter or the summer? Let me know in the comments below.

If you are thinking of booking your first cruise, take a look at my tips for booking your perfect cabin here.

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