Women only cruising

Women Only Cruising

Women Only Cruising

Women only cruising

2017 will introduce a new experience in cruising. Women only cruising. Aqua Expeditions will be trialling this new type of cruise this year. Giving women the opportunity to go it alone.

The cruises will take passengers along the Amazon from March. Enabling them to explore new destinations and giving them a chance to go off the beaten track.

Aimed at solo travellers and groups it is designed for women only. They will be able to explore new cultures, meet new people and experience some new adventures.

Aqua Expeditions hope to give passengers the finest in luxury accommodation and 5 Star Service. Whilst offering itineraries that include biking, kayaking, hiking, wildlife viewing and cultural ‘meet and greet’ with local community members.

More and more cruise lines are starting to open up their markets with offering better prices for a solo traveller. Also trying to attract younger customers. I think this could be a really interesting development.

What do you think about women only cruises? Would it be something you would be interested in, a women only cruise? What type of cruise do you think would be a good idea? What type of cruise would appeal to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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